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#MTOS Host Profile : Jason with World Cinema on 8th July 2012

Name : Jason Coyle

Website :

Twitter : @jaycoyle

Top 5 films:
    1. Raging Bull
    2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    3. Synecdoche New York
    4. Un Chien Andalou
    5. Dr. Strangelove

What do you love about cinema?
What I love most about films is the their ability to surprise me. All of my favourite films seem to have that ability. There is a lot of mediocrity in film particularly at the big budget end of the spectrum. It is the films that bring something unexpected and wonderful to the medium that I love. I go into every film with more hope than expectation that this will happen and I love when it does.

Why did you pick World Cinema as your topic?
I picked the topic of World Cinema for a couple of reasons. One is for a purely selfish reasons: basically to hear lots of suggestions for films I have yet to see! The other reason is that in general terms the most interesting films coming out at the moment seem to be in a different language. Films like A Separation and Of Gods and Men stand head and shoulders above anything that Hollywood is offering.

MTOS Questions – World Cinema
  1. Simple one to start with, what is your favourite world cinema film and why? #MTOS

  1. Do you think there should be a separate category for foreign films at the Oscars? How would you do it if not? #MTOS

  1. Does the fact that a particular film has subtitles affect how you would view it? #MTOS

  1. Are there any Hollywood films that you think would be seen differently if they were in a different language and not Hollywood? #MTOS

  1. Do you generally watch English language remakes of foreign films? Is there any point to the remakes for you? The best one? #MTOS

  1. Do you have a film that would be considered a great of World Cinema that you think is overrated or you dislike? #MTOS

  1. Who are your favourite directors in world cinema? Is there a particular country that you go back to for consistent quality? #MTOS

  1. What is the one World Cinema film that you would consider your Everest? The one that always makes you feel guilty for not watching? #MTOS

  1. How do you rate the quality of films from your own country? What are your favourites? #MTOS

  1. Michael Bay has bought the remake rights to my favourite World cinema film Un Chien Andalau. Who directs/stars etc, be inventive! #MTOS

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