Thursday, 13 September 2012

Low Budget Film Making - Host @FilmYarn

                                                        #MTOS Sunday 16th Sept
                                                          Low Budget Filmmaking

Name - Fredo

Website -

Twitter - @filmyarn

Top 5 Favourite Films - Right now?

Waking Life
The Thin Red Line
El Hombre de Papel
Au Hasard Balthazar
Children of Men

What do you like the most about movies?

Film encompasses the basic need of humanity to tell a story, and the latest technological whizbangery to match the human imagination.

Why did you chose this topic for #MTOS?

Budget is something movie coverage seems obsessed with, but is never defined in the low end, everybody has a definition for what low budget means, often identifying it as indie, whether it was studio produced or not. Also, the lack of funds tends to make for creative solutions and experimentation.

Questions for #MTOS

1. What do you consider low budget?

2. What is your favorite low budget movie?

3. Who's your favorite low budget filmmaker?

4. JJ Abrahams says Hollywood budgets are preposterous: Discuss.

5. What are the advantages of a low budget film? what are the disadvantages?

6. Do you believe low budget directors can thrive within the studio system? who has floated? who has sunk?

7. Which low budget favorite of yours would have benefited from a massive budget?

8. Which massive summer blockbuster would you want to see as a low budget film? who would direct?

9. Do you think there's a difference between low budget and "indie"? what does indie really mean?

10. Do low budget films benefit from a big screen? how do you watch low budget movies?

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