Sunday, 14 April 2013

#MTOS – 21 April 2013


Hosted by @darthelvis


Q1. What is your all-time favourite Martin Scorsese movie? What makes it so great? #MTOS

Q2. What is the most underrated Scorsese movie and why? #MTOS

Q3. Who is your favourite character in a Scorsese movie and why? #MTOS

Q4. Scorsese has worked with some of the greatest actors in movie history. Who would you most like to see in a Scorsese movie? Why? #MTOS

Q5. Has there ever been any greater Director and Actor partnership than Scorsese and De Niro? Discuss. #MTOS

Q6. Scorsese has remade ‘Cape Fear’ and ‘Infernal Affairs’ – what film would you like to see Scorsese remake and why? #MTOS

Q7. Scorsese’s love of music is evident in his moviemaking. Does any other director use music as effectively as Scorsese? Who? #MTOS

Q8. What’s your favourite musical moment from a Scorsese film? #MTOS

Q9. Scorsese’s long overdue Oscar was for 2006’s ‘The Departed’. Why did it take so long? What movie should have won his first Oscar? #MTOS

Q10. Roger Ebert often referred to Martin Scorsese as ‘the greatest active American director’ – would you agree? If not, then who is? #MTOS

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