Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Movie Talk on Sunday

December 15th: Star Wars Prequels

Love them or loathe them (let’s face it, most SW fans loathe them), nothing in the Star Wars canon provokes more debate than the Prequel Trilogy. I’d like us to join in on that debate (in a calm fashion please) and discuss how we feel about this trilogy. Think of it as group therapy.
Starting at 20:00 GMT on the 15th I will ask one question every ten minutes. Include the question number and the #MTOS hashtag in your replies so that others can find your answers.
E.g. A1 the Phantom Menace is easily the best of ALL the Star Wars movies #MTOS
So, please follow me on Twitter (@spclark14) and join in on the debate, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve all got to say.

Here are the questions:
Q1: 14 years after its release and now we’ve got some perspective, what are your thoughts on The Phantom Menace? #MTOS
Q2: Who is your favourite/least favourite character in the prequel trilogy and why? #MTOS
Q3: Who gives the best acting performance in the prequel trilogy? #MTOS
Q4: With all the rumours that surrounded the casting of Anakin, who would you have liked to see in the role instead of Hayden C? #MTOS​

Q5: If you could change just one thing about the prequel trilogy, what would it be and why? #MTOS
Q6: Which director(s) would you have liked to seen take over the reins if Lucas had stepped down after The Phantom Menace? #MTOS
Q7: Was Anakin’s fall to the dark side well plotted or do you think it was too fast? #MTOS
Q8: What is your favourite scene/sequence from the prequel trilogy and why? #MTOS
Q9: What’s the best lightsaber fight in the trilogy? #MTOS
Q10: Suggest new/alternate titles for each episode. Be creative! #MTOS

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