Friday, 16 May 2014

MTOS Sunday 18th may Marilyn Monroe

1. What is your favorite character played by Marilyn Monroe?Why? #MTOS

2.  Which of MM’s songs do you prefer? Why? #MTOS

3Are there any MM sayings that you find especially meaningful? #MTOS

4Numerous performers have incarnated MM onscreen. Whichis/are closest to recreating her#MTOS

5. Which is your favorite of MM’s iconic dresses? #MTOS

6. What are your thoughts on some recent Marilyn Monroebiopics/MM-based projects (ie, My Week with Marilyn/Smash/Love, Marilyn)#MTOS

7If MM had not existed, how would the world be different today? #MTOS

8If you could ask Marilyn Monroe about the meaning of life, what do you think her answer would be? #MTOS

9Why does Marilyn Monroe continue to be such a haunting,enduring, fascinating icon? #MTOS 

10. If MM could have worked with a contemporary director, which one would you choose for her? #MTOS




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