Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hello and welcome to another round of #MTOS Hosting for the months of SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER.

First, I would really like for everyone interested in hosting #MTOS to go through this entire post before commenting below. 

As always, we would like to thank all the past hosts and participants without whom we would not exist. We have had so much love from everyone, even if they do not take part, we cannot thank you enough. From mentions in podcasts to ReTweets to just generally being exited and talking about #MTOS, you all make #MTOS what it is today. So, THANK YOU, and YOU, and YOU!!

Now, getting down to business, we have had tremendous interest for the hosting duties of #MTOS.To make things a little simpler this is how you can sign-up for being a host from the start of September till the end of December;

The good news is that we are going to start repeating topics and hosts, so if you want to host a topic we might have had before or you have hosted before, GO FOR IT! (Although if you do have a new theme, we would appreciate that)

Below, I have mentioned all the dates that are available for hosting in the months of September-December. Please remember that all dates lie on a Sunday and #MTOS begins at 20:00 GMT. As a host you will also be responsible for writing a blog with the 10 questions relating to your theme on the Tuesday before your hosting date. We have also recently started this very #MTOS blog and if you want a HOST PROFILE of yourself posted here just let us know and we will send you the desired questions (You can see some of the previous host profiles if you scroll down).  

All you have to do in order to host is comment below with your preferential date, your theme, and your twitter handle. There are a total of 18 spots that are available. A few have already been taken, and those are the ones we are planning (rather trying to plan) something special for you all. 

IMPORTANT: Please read the following points carefully before commenting below;

Please, before commenting, read all the comments to make sure you are not duplicating a date that has already been taken. If you do duplicate, we cannot guarantee you a spot at a later date.

Kindly select only one date. If you are unsure, select a later or earlier date. If you mention two dates in your post, once again we will be unable to guarantee you a spot on either of the dates.

Also, please try and make sure that your theme has not been taken before. If you do select a theme and want to change it later, you may do so. If you are unsure, simply state the Theme as "To Be Decided" for now.

Lastly, please make sure that your comment is showing in the comment box, by refreshing the page.

All this might seem a tad complicated, but we felt it would be the fairest way to go about selecting the hosts.

The way #MTOS is going, I am sure we will continue to have the event for a long time, so please if you do not get a spot this time, you will surely have a better chance in the next round of bookings that we plan to open in December. Also you can always place yourself on standby for cancellations by letting @askimrach know.


02 September - @Beasleyonfilm with 2012 Summer Season
09 September - @Studioexec1 with Overrated Actors
16 September - @filmyarn
23 September - @sarah_movies
30 September - @The_Modal_Node with Themed Movie Nights

07 October - @AmandaGough with Hitchcock
14 October - @TGP73 with Indiana Jones
21 October - @Celluloidical
28 October - @darthbx with Horror Films

04 November - @jurrasicgriffin
11 November - @Jaycoyle 
18 November - @ItsMugambi with Actors, Acting, & Accolades
25 November - @Thompson_film with Film Noir

02 December - @MarcellineBlock with Marilyn Monroe
09 December - @DeusExCinema with Style Vs Substance
16 December - @IMadoria
23 December - @Screen1ne with End of the Year 2012 Film Awards
30 December - @Stefatthemovies with Star Wars


  1. Please can I take 14th October - @TGP73 - to be decided

  2. I'll take 23rd December please? (@screen1ne) Theme either "2012 End of year awards" or "Recasting..."

    The only other date I would be available is 9th Sept however thats 2 days before my 40th B/Day so I'd like to avoid that if possible please.

  3. Can I have 2nd September, on "2012 So Far..."

    I'm @BeasleyOnFilm.

  4. October 28. @darthbx Horror Movies.

  5. Actually, my topic will be "The 2012 Summer Season"

  6. I'll take 25th November with Film Noir as my subject, unless it's been done already

  7. September 9th..Overrated actors


  8. Ok, decided on my theme - 14th October - @TGP73 - Indiana Jones

  9. 11th November please. @jaycoyle.

    Subject tbc


  10. Decided It will be End of year (2012) film awards.

  11. Can I get 30th September please. Great themed movie nights will be my topic. Naturally to be enjoyed with friends and take-always :)

  12. 21st October please

  13. Can I have November 18 please? Actors, Acting and Accolades.


    Thank you.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. December 9th please - Star Wars! @stefatthemovies