Monday, 23 July 2012

MTOS Host Profile: Tiffany with Costume Design in Films on 29th July 2012

Name - Tiffany Vazquez

Twitter - @Tiffbump

Top 5 Favourite Films - 
True Romance
The Man Who Came to Dinner
Pulp Fiction
The Big Lebowski (This list will and does change every hour)

What do you like the most about movies?
Film is the one art form that can encompass almost all art forms

Why did you chose this topic for #MTOS?
I wanted to choose something that often goes overlooked, yet is absolutely critical in film.  Many do not notice or appreciate the effort that goes into costume design, especially in terms of character and plot development.

Questions for #MTOS on Costume Design in Films - 

1. How important is costume design in film?  

2. Is there a difference between costume design and fashion in films?

3. Do you think one influences the other?

4.  Unfortunately, many only know of Edith Head.  Who are other Costume Designers that must be noted?

5.  What is the most iconic costume in film worn by a single character and how has it helped define him/her/it?

6.  What film do you feel has the best use of costume design of all time?

7.  Are costumes more interesting in a period piece film or a contemporary film?
8.  What film had the best costume design from 2011-2012? (so far)
9.  What film do you think had the worst costume design of all time?

10.  Which directors do you believe utilize(d) the power of costume design most effectively in their films? 

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