Wednesday, 17 October 2012

#MTOS Host Profile - Scott with The Coen Brothers


 Name: Celluloidical


Twitter ID: @Celluloidical

Top 5 favourite films:  
Well, currently -

Taxi Driver

Blade Runner


The Big Lebowski

The Godfather

What do you like the most about films:

To me, film is the most important and creative of all the arts. They make us laugh, cry, think and change the ways we look at life and the people around us. It's made me a more mature, wiser and positive human being.

Why did you choose the topic for #MTOS:

The Coen Brothers are two of my favourite directors of all time. They have this knack for delivering such inventive storytelling without compensating on anything else - they are absolutely relentless and passionate about what they do and I admire that in ways I can't describe. Plus, only they can make a murder via woodchipper both unnerving and hilarious at the same time....

A link to the questions of #MTOS:

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