Monday, 8 April 2013

1. What constitutes a movie flop – Budget to profit ratio, Critical reception or both? #MTOS
2. What in your eyes is the biggest movie failure that should of worked? #MTOS
3. Movies like Twilight and G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra made a ton of money but were critically derided, do these constitute Failures? #MTOS
4. Movies like Hurt Locker and Let Me In garnered critical praise but failed to make huge profits, can these be classed at successes? #MTOS
5. Which actor/director in your view is king of the flops? #MTOS
6. Which actor/director is immune to making flops? #MTOS
7. Over the years which genre of movie has produced the most stinkers? #MTOS
8. We all have a soft spot for a flop (mine is Howard the Duck), what would you do to your flop if you had the chance to change it and re-release it? #MTOS
9. Since the year 2000 we are averaging more flops per year than ever before.  Why is this? #MTOS
10. You have $100,000,000 to make a movie, pitch me a sure fire hit that cant fail….. #MTOS

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