Monday, 18 March 2013

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'I am an effervescently fashionable film fanatic... End of'

Feel the same way? Then MTOS is for you! Join the cinematic community on twitter at 20:00 GMT for fun-filled Movie Talks On Sundays.

It's simple and connects cinephiles worldwide:

- Make sure you're free from 20:00 GMT on Sunday (late comers can jump in! The more the merrier)

- There are 10 questions

- One question will be asked every 10 minutes, giving time for discussion and responses.

- e.g. if answering to Q1, simply put "A1" at the beginning of your answer followed by the hashtag #MTOS so the convo string is easy to access by others taking part

- Questions will be posted and available on the Tuesday before (so you can prepare if needed)

- Do not answer questions before they have been asked on Sunday

- RT, follow others and respond as you please

- Enjoy!

To me movies are a means of escapism in the form of (literally) moving pictures. As time flies by, the evolution of technology makes our viewing experiences cross boundaries we never thought were possible, especially with regards to CGI and animation. When discussing films within our cinematic community we often underestimate animated films and forget they can be just as powerful and thought provoking as live action films.

So here the questions I drew up for my animated-inspired MTOS:

1. If you were an animated Disney character who would you be? #MTOS

2. What do you think about the misconception of animation being for kids? #MTOS

3. Which Live Action film would you like to see an animated version of & why? #MTOS

4. Which Animated film would you like to see a live action version of & why? #MTOS

5. I have a soft spot for anime. What is your favourite Studio Ghibli movie and character? #MTOS


6. Do you think the voice of animated characters make a difference to how we view them? (especially if voiced by famous actors) #MTOS


7. What is your favourite film which combines live action & animation? #MTOS

8. Fairytales associated with Disney animation have been appearing on our screens in dark live action versions. Which should be next? #MTOS

9. What is your first memory of an animated character that scared you? #MTOS

10. In the style of Avengers Assemble... choose 5 animated characters for your ultimate version of an Animated Assemble! #MTOS 

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