Monday, 17 June 2013

#MTOS Sunday 23rd June with @Ugamerz topic is villains

1. What is your favourite villain? #MTOS 

2. What is your favourite villain's piece of dialogue? #MTOS

3. Which actor do you think best serves the role they played as a villain? #MTOS

4. With which Villain do you most sympathise? #MTOS

5. What in your opinion is the most memorable villains death? No films in the last 2 years to avoid spoilers please. #MTOS

6. With the possibility of a Justice League movie, which DC villain would you most like to see? #MTOS

7. Which actor in your opinion failed in the role of the villain they played? #MTOS

8. Which villain would you have liked to see win? #MTOS

9. Of the films you know are coming soon, which villain are you most looking forward to seeing? #MTOS

10. Pick the film name, the hero actor and villain actor. What is your dream hero vs villain scenario? #MTOS 

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