Tuesday, 9 July 2013

1. What’s your favourite stopmotion animation? #mtos
2. What sets stopmotion apart from other animation styles? #mtos
3. Stopmotion animation is just for kids. Discuss. #mtos
4. Who’s your favourite stopmotion character, and why? #mtos
5. What’s your favourite Harryhausen creature and why? #mtos
6. Which actor does your favourite stopmotion voiceover? #mtos
7. Burton and Anderson have made stopmotion films. Should any other live-action directors have a go? #mtos
8. Do you think there’s a future for stopmotion film? #mtos
9. Classic children’s books have been given the stopmotion treatment. What book and vocal talent would you film? #mtos
10. There have been some memorable stopmotion fights. Who would be in your dream match-up? #mtos

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