Tuesday, 30 December 2014

#MTOS - New Year... New Beginnings on January 4, 2015

Nafissa (@NafissaG2) hosts the very first #MTOS of 2015 with the topic New Year... New Beginnings

The questions for the same are as follows;

Q1. With Christmas movie marathons now behind us, which New Years Eve scene do you feel is most memorable and why? #MTOS

Q2. Pair up your New Year's resolution with a film character that defines the outcome of how you will tackle it... BuzzFeed Quiz style #mtos

Q3. If you could change the beginning of any film which movie would it be and how? #MTOS

Q4. In light of recent #SPECTRE announcement...What is your favourite James Bond Main Title opening sequence? Feel free to share vids! #MTOS

Q5. Who's directorial debut do you feel was the most impressive? #MTOS

Q6. If you could reboot a series of films, what would it be? Who would direct and star? (A title that hasn't already been remade!) #MTOS

Q7. Change the first letter of any film title to create an alternative... Let's get #firstletterfilms trending!! #MTOS

Q8. A film's identity is usually determined by it's music. What is your favourite iconic movie opening score? #MTOS

Q9. New Year's Day can be day of regrets and awful hangovers for some... If you could erase one film from history what would it be? #MTOS

Q10. It's arguable that The End Is The Beginning... Which movie and/or scene do you feel encapsulates this concept? #MTOS 

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