Wednesday, 21 January 2015

#MTOS Sunday 25th jan Paul Newman

#MTOS hosted by @FionaUnderhill 

Q1: What is your favourite Paul Newman film and why? #MTOS

Q2: Who do you think made Newman's best leading lady? #MTOS

Q3: Which male co-star did Newman buddy-up the best with? #MTOS

Q4: Which genre do you think Newman excelled in? Was there a genre you would have liked to see him attempt? #MTOS

Q5: Which decade/era was Newman's strongest? #MTOS

Q6: Which Newman performance deserved an Oscar (but didn't win one)? #MTOS

Q7: Which role was Newman's biggest mistake? #MTOS

Q8: Which modern-day director would you have liked to have seen Newman work with? #MTOS

Q9: Which Newman Superskill eg. car racing, salad dressing making, marriage longevity would you like to have? #MTOS

Q10: Describe Paul Newman in 140 characters or less. #MTOS

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