Tuesday, 16 December 2014

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Ever since i can remember, I have loved the films of Alfred Hitchcock. As a young boy,
my Mum had let me stay up late one Friday night to watch Psycho and it had given me nightmares for weeks, that music that creepy house, the shower scene....but I never forgot the name above the title.  
This weeks MTOS gives me the chance to find out your thoughts on the man they call "The Master of Suspense" and find out if his popularity has continued into the 21st century.

1.Ok let's start things simple - Hitchcock - Love him or Hate him? #MTOS

2.What's your favourite Hitchcock film and why? #MTOS

3.Who was your fav leading man? #MTOS

4.And who was your fav leading lady? #MTOS

5.Is there a another genre you would have liked to see him tackle? #MTOS

6.What's your fav death scene in his work? #MTOS

7.What's your fav musical score of his work? #MTOS 

8. Hitch was a master of the camera - what's your fav hitchcockian shot? #MTOS  

9.Is there a modern film maker who could become the next Hitchcock? #MTOS

10.If Hitch were working today who would his leading man/lady be? #MTOS

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