Monday, 17 November 2014

#MTOS Sunday 23 November


#MTOS - Sunday 23 November 2014 - 8pm

Hosted by @darthelvis



Q1. How do you feel about exploitation and grindhouse movies in general? What is it that you like or dislike about them? #MTOS

Q2. Exploitation movies are disregarded by many as poorly made and low-budget, yet continue to gain a cult following. Why is this? #MTOS

Q3. Blaxploitation, Revenge, Mondo, WIP etc. – whatgenre or sub-genre of exploitation cinema is your favourite and why? #MTOS

Q4. Following on from the previous question, which is your least-favourite exploitation genre or sub-genre? Why is this? #MTOS

Q5. Who do you consider to be the quintessential legends of exploitation and grindhouse cinemaRecommend some of their best works. #MTOS

Q6. Who are your favourite exploitation heroes, anti-heroes or villains and what is it you like most about them? #MTOS

Q7. Which movie(s) best define(s) exploitation and grindhouse cinema and which do you consider the most iconic and influential? #MTOS

Q8. Exploitation and grindhouse cinema regularly had outrageous trailers, posters and taglines - post some of your favourites. #MTOS

Q9. Neo-exploitation redefines the exploitation genre in its own terms. What are your favourite neo-exploitation movies and why#MTOS

Q10. Time to get creative. Pitch a title, tagline or synopsis for an exploitation movie or create your own sub-genre. #MTOS

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