Tuesday, 30 June 2015

#MTOS on 5th July 2015, Hosted by @Sherimander on FRANCE IN CINEMA, CINEMA IN FRANCE

The topic of this #MTOS is not French actors or films, but the depiction of France and French in cinema from all over the world: locations, characters, scenes, stories, films, and so on.
Be careful: some questions are not suitable for children :) 

Q1 It's your first time in France. Which film related to France comes first to your mind? #MTOS
Q2 You're meeting a French film character. Who is he? #MTOS
Q3 You're looking a perfect place with your new friend. Which film describes in the best way the French "art de vivre"? #MTOS
Q4 Alas, you're not alone! There's a French villain, just here! Who is he? #MTOS
Q5 The Villain recognizes you, and tries to escape. Is it possible to have a good action scene set in France? #MTOS
Q6 The chase leads you to an iconic French landscape or monument? What is it? #MTOS
Q7 This is the secret lair of the villain, and he has? a time machine! To which period of French history is he sending you? #MTOS
Q8. The situation looks pretty bad, stuck in the past, but humour can defeat anything. Could you remember a funny French character? #MTOS
Q9 With the humour comes the romance, especially in France. Does it remind you of a film or a character? #MTOS
Q10 Then, at last, because you're all expecting it. Is French Kiss good or not? #MTOS

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