Monday, 16 July 2012

#MTOS Host Profile: Steve with Disney Animated Feature Films on 22nd July2012

Name: Steve Nixon


Twitter @TGP73

Top 5 films
The Empire Strikes Back, The Big Lebowski, Phantasm, Robocop & Deep Red

What do you love about cinema?

Films are an all encompassing experience from the art on the poster to the arguments with friends after watching

Why did you pick Disney movies as your topic?

My wife is a complete Disney nut and as a result I've gradually developed a love for the Disney animated feature films

#MTOSQuestions - DisneyAnimated Feature Films

Q1.Of the 51 theatrical animated feature films produced or released by Disney,which is your favourite? Why? #MTOS

Q2.The first theatrical animated feature was released by Disney 75 years ago, towhat do you attribute their longevity? #MTOS

Q3.Few can claim to have watched all of the theatrical animated Disney features,which film tops your ‘still to watch list’? #MTOS

Q4.There are countless colourful characters in the animated films of Disney, whichare you most like?  #MTOS

Q5.It wouldn’t be a Disney animated feature without a sing-a-long, from toetappers to tear jerkers … What’s your favourite song?  #MTOS

Q6.Most Disney animated films can be simplified as a tale of good vs. evil, who doyou side with … wicked witch or charming prince? #MTOS

Q7.Which voice actor gives the best performance in which of the 51 theatricalanimated feature films produced or released by Disney? #MTOS

Q8.Disney has successfully turned some of its theatrical animated features intostage musicals, which should they do next? #MTOS

Q9.Should Disney be moving away from hand-drawn animation in favour of CGI as theydid with ‘Bolt’ & ‘Tangled’? #MTOS

Q10.Are Disney the undisputed kings of animated feature films or does anotherstudio do it better? #MTOS

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