Monday, 10 December 2012

1.       Name: Aline Neves
2.       Blog:
3.       Twitter ID: IMadoria
4.       Some films I like: Destiny, Buster Keaton filmography, It Happened One Night, The Trouble With Harry, Amelie, The Mission, Sonatine
5.       What do you like the most about films: The course was history of film 1 and the film was Destiny. Fritz Lang's tale had everything... Head over heels romance, magic, the woman as the hero, amazing acting and beautiful looking film. And all this was done in silence. I had seen other films before, films that open mind and mesmerized me but this was different. This is when I realized that my silly idea of going to film school was justified. If I could be part of that universe somehow, if I could express my artistry like that some day... then everything would be okay, then my life would be complete.
6.       Why did you choose the topic for #MTOS: Embodiment of Cool
For my first topic for #mtos (first of many I hope) I wanted FUN and tons of great cinematic memories rushing back. I wanted smirks on everyone's faces. I hope I succeed.
Embodiment of Cool

Q1. What is the essence of cool in movies?

Q2. Who is the quintessential embodiment of cool and why?

Q3. Which cool movie or performer has transcended time? Examples and why.

Q4. Who is the coolest movie character ever? Why?

Q5. How important is dialogue to create a cool movie? To be extra cool add an example of the coolest dialogue.

Q6. Who (i.e. performer, director) or movie is trying too hard to be cool?(add on to q movies that were sold as cool but weren't)

Q7. Who (i.e. performer, director) has the future potential of cool?

Q8. What movie genre is the coolest? Why?

Q9. Which is the best decade for cool movies? Why?

Q10. Non-Hollywood cool. Go nuts! (i.e. directors, performers, movies etc) and why?

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