Wednesday, 17 September 2014

#MTOS Sunday 21st sept Scottish films

Hosted by @bilbobaggins2k  

This year sees the 20th anniversary of the start of production on “Braveheart”. This anniversary comes at a time when Scotland is featured heavily in the news. In light of the Scottish referendum on Thursday 18th, this week's MTOS will look at Scotland and Scottish films:

1. What is your favourite Scottish film? #MTOS

2. Who is your favourite Scottish actor? #MTOS

3. Who is your favourite Scottish actress?#MTOS  

4. What is your favourite film featuring a Scottish location? #MTOS

5. Who has the worst Scottish accent in a film? #MTOS

6. Scotland has many folk heroes & some have been immortalised in film. 2 examples are Braveheart & Rob Roy. Which one do you prefer & why?

7. What Scottish film would you like to see made (book, fairytale etc)? #MTOS

8. Brigadoon or Brigadon't?
Do you prefer a gritty, realistic Scotland   or the sugary twee Scotland in film? #MTOS

9. Does Scotland suit a particular type of genre? #MTOS

10. If you could create a Scottish superhero, what super power would he/she have & what would you call them? #MTOS

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