Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Questions - #MTOS hosted by @FionaUnderhill on 2nd August 2015 - Kevin Smith

On Sunday 2nd August 2015, @FionaUnderhill takes on hosting duties of #MTOS with the topic Kevin Smith. The questions for the evening are as follows;

Q1) @ThatKevinSmith is marmite - you love or loathe him. Which is it for you + why? #MTOS

Q2) Which is your favourite @ThatKevinSmith film and why? #MTOS

Q3) Which actor has collaborated with @ThatKevinSmith most successfully, in your opinion + why? #MTOS

Q4) When @ThatKevinSmith has branched out beyond J&SB flicks, has this worked? Why/Why not? #MTOS

Q5) @ThatKevinSmith is known for being a raconteur - have you seen his Q&As, heard his podcasts, read his books? #MTOS

Q6) @ThatKevinSmith has been involved in some well-known unfulfilled projects (Superman/Green Lantern) Missed oppertunities? #MTOS

Q7) @ThatKevinSmith and intertextuality? Your favourite of his references eg. Star Wars, Batman, Jaws? #MTOS

Q8) @ThatKevinSmith is prob best known for his dialogue. Best line? #MTOS

Q9) Has @ThatKevinSmith introduced you to anyone? eg. George Carlin #MTOS

Q10) What would you ask/say to @ThatKevinSmith if you met him? #MTOS

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