Tuesday, 21 July 2015

#MTOS Sunday 26 July – Awesome Mix Vol. 1 hosted by @Gordondon

#MTOS is about bringing film fans together to debate, discuss and dissect those wonderful 24 frames per second.

One question relating to the week's topic will be tweeted every 10 minutes starting at 20:00 UK Time. All the questions and subsequent answers/discussions, by you, should simply be followed by the hash-tag #MTOS.

Example: A1 - Jaws #MTOS

Sunday 26 July – Awesome Mix Vol. 1

Mix tapes are cool and everybody loves them. Imagine you were compiling a cinematic mix tape comprising of all things film, you’d have to consider what film to open it with, which poster is the cover of the mix tape, what you would call it, so many decisions to make. 

To help you compile your masterpiece, here are the 10 questions:

Q1 - What film do you open it with and why?

Q2 - You put dialogue between the tracks, which quote would you use?

Q3 - The segue between tracks is important, which double feature do you include?

Q4 - You have to end side 1 on a high, what’s your go to feel good film?

Q5 - We all like to include a guilty pleasure, which film is yours?

Q6 - The cover of a mix tape is very important, which film poster do you use as the cover?

Q7 - Which film do you include to entice a potential partner?

Q8 - It’s good to add a sad song into the mix, which film makes you cry no matter how many times you have seen it?

Q9 - The final track has to be your favourite film of all time, what do you choose?

Q10 - You have finished compiling your cinematic mix tape, what’s it called?

Looking forward to seeing your answers.


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