Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Questions for #MTOS Sunday 9th August 2015: Hosted by @CurtMilner

This week's #MTOS is plain and simple: Drama films! Hope you can join us on Sunday at 20.00 GMT for a lively Twitter debate on the movies: Don't forget to hashtag your answers #MTOS and follow @CurtMilner. 

Q1: Let’s get to it: What is your all-time favourite film drama (English-language, foreign, or both)? #MTOS

Q2: What’s the worst/most disappointing drama you’ve ever seen? #MTOS

Q3: Which films do you think have most successfully blended drama with another genre, such as horror, sci-fi, romance etc.? #MTOS

Q4: Who is your favourite dramatic director and why? #MTOS

Q5: Do you think there was a particularly strong era or decade in film history for dramatic movies, or do you think that time is now? #MTOS

Q6: What is your favourite British drama? If you named a British film in #Q1 give us another you love… #MTOS

Q7: It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, it might make you gasp, but what is your single favourite scene or moment from a drama? #MTOS

Q8: So far 2015 has been a great year for drama films. What has stood out for you this year? #MTOS

Q9: Who is your favourite dramatic actor/actress or who has stood out for you recently? #MTOS

Q10: And finally, what is your favourite line of dialogue from a drama? #MTOS



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