Thursday, 3 September 2015

#MTOS - 6th September 2015 hosted by @TheSaharaDesert

Questions for #MTOS on Animation hosted @TheSaharaDesert

1. What is your favourite animated film (short or feature-length)?
2. Which form of animation makes you desperate to watch the film: hand-drawn, stop-motion, CGI or other?
3. Is the purchase of Pixar by Disney a force for good or running the risk of stagnation?
4. Which animated films outside of the US, UK and Japan are worth people's time?
5. What do you think will fill Studio Ghibli’s place?
6. Is it possible to judge DreamWorks Animation feature films on their own merit?
7. Which animated film would you like to see a live-action version of and/or an animated version of which live-action film?
8. Cars 2: what went wrong?
9. Are Pixar right to pursue sequels further?

10. What do you feel the future of animation holds?

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