Monday, 14 September 2015

#MTOS- 20th September hosted by @Dan_Bonnington - The Worst of Film

#MTOS- 20th September 2015

HOST - @Dan_Bonnington

TOPIC - The Worst of Film

1. What are the 3 worst (2015 released) films you've seen so far this year? #MTOS

2. Which film do you hate that everybody else seems to love? #MTOS

3. And now the opposite, which film do you love that everybody else seems to hate? #MTOS

4. What's the worst remake you've ever seen? #MTOS

5. What's the worst sequel you've ever seen? #MTOS

6. What's the worst film you've seen starring your favourite actor/actress? #MTOS

7. What's the worst film directed by your favourite director? #MTOS

8. The BBC has published a list of the top 100 US films as voted for by film critics, which is the worst film to feature on the list? #MTOS

9. What's the worst film you've seen that was adapted from one of your favourite books? #MTOS

10. You're having a film night and decide to watch 3 films that are so bad they're good, which 3 do you go for? #MTOS

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